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The Property Galleria

A realty cafe for great global properties B. Kandhari Properties initiative

Presenting India's finest property galleria - an idea so imbued with class and urban appeal, we had to create a whole new setting to do it justice. Step in, to discover uber-luxury properties, embellished by up-to-date technology and friendly professional service. See hi-profile developers and select audiences mingling in an atmosphere of exclusivity and unruffled calm.

A Novel Concept in Realty Marketing

  • Acquire is an uber-luxury one-stop-shop for real estate that takes broking to a whole new level. Acquire offers developers a unique platform to showcase their project offerings and gives buyers access to exclusive property options.
  • Buyers draw on B. Kandhari’s real estate experience. Having developers own representatives at the store during events sets the right tone for dialogue and interaction
  • Ample opportunity for in-store branding with large display panels and dispensers for your brochures and leaflets. Detailed listings are possible in leading dailies.
  • Acquire allows developers to customise levels of interaction with the target audience strategically.
  • Acquire brings professionalism and sophistication to the property buying process while creating an engaging atmosphere for developers to promote their brand.
  • From identifying projects to providing loans and legal assistance to considerations of property's size, location, orientation and configuration, to handling registration and due diligence for the buyer, to offering Vaastu consultancy, Acquire provides the best solutions in a sophisticated setting reserved exclusively for you.

Packed With Good Taste

  • Everything about Acquire is geared up for luxury and custom delight.
  • What a better setting than the classy locale of Bandra to reach elite clients for developers and a unique range of exclusive properties for buyers.
  • Enter swish cocktail lounge-like interiors in contemporary design and experience high-end comfort and luxury while you browse for a property.
  • Let experts guide you on the pros and cons of your decision while you get a first-hand experience of properties at our touch-screen kiosk.

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For Property Buyers

- Providing all Services Under One Roof

  • Identification of suitable properties based on their requirements.
  • Assisting the buyer in negotiation and deal closure.
  • Post-finalization, assistance in deals related documentation.

- Understanding the Client's Requirements in Significant Aspects Like:-

  • Price
  • Location
  • Size of property required/property specifications
  • Furnished or Unfurnished
  • Lease or outright purchase
  • Whether loan needed
  • Ready possession or under construction

For Property Sellers

  • Undertaking inspection of the property with a marketing head from B. Kandhari Properties
  • Getting the best market price for the property
  • Finalising the price to be quoted in the market, with the owner of the property
  • Identifying potential clients for the property
  • Running a newspaper advertisement
  • Informing channel partners/brokers
  • Proposing the property to investors - digital marketing of the property
  • Facilitating negotiations between owners and buyers and closing the transaction
  • Coordination with seller-buyer for document execution
  • Assisting in the registration process

For Developers